About Me

"ART is my sanctuary, my quiet place where life's calling becomes clear."

 I have been working in acrylic and encaustic since 2007. After retiring from a thirty-year career in primary education, I have returned to my passion for creating art . I was privileged to study under the great Lila Lewis Irvine, a student of Helen Frankenthahler. The New York School has had a great influence on my own style of nonrepresentational art.


My work is an outward expression of my journey of faith. It encompasses a celebration of life and the abundance of joy and blessings that have influenced the way I see things. Some of my most important work has come from the direction of pain and adversity. Embracing it all has given me the creative energy to paint, to tell my truth.  My history is always there in the stream of consciousness in my work. The constructing and deconstructing, the scaping back of layers and the applying of paint is a metaphor for my life. It is the dance. 


I am inspired by the love of family and the joy of living the life I have been given. Every day is a precious gift. I am awed by the beauty I see in nature, from the early morning sunrise to the stillness and quiet of the evening.

 It is my grateful heart that you see manifested in my work.

"I have enjoyed looking at your website Lee Anne. You have made some powerful work!"

David Monkhouse, Curator

The National Gallery of Canada

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